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Competitive and Fun

Competitive and fun practices and game play develop resilient, enthusiastic and creative athletes. Avalanche coaches collaborate with former National, Pro and World Lacrosse Champions to provide the best possible lacrosse experiences. Moreover, outdoor and indoor concepts are blended to enhance learning, play and creativity.       

Balanced Approach

Avalanche scheduling is designed to avoid conflicts with local, in-season sports. Players are encouraged to prioritize family first, then academics, in-season sport and finally Avalanche Lacrosse. Our goal is to coach and support healthy, well-rounded and balanced student-athletes.

Affordable Pricing

Nationally, the 'pay-to-play' model of club athletics is broken. Bank accounts are gouged, results over-promised and under-delivered. To correct this locally, Avalanche programing is affordably priced to encourage robust participation and competition. 

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